My first NPM module – Selenium IDE to Nightwatch converter

This year my two new years resolutions were to contribute to open source more and teach coding to others. Because in the 10 years I’ve been coding I’ve done very little to give back to the community I’ve learnt so much from. I was always afraid of not giving the best advice or being seen a bad programmer but I now finally feel confident enough to contribute and teach others.

I started off slow sending pull requests and issues to modules I use and after 2 years of working with Node I’ve finally published my first NPM module.

It’s called seleniumide2nightwatch (side2nw on npm) and it will convert selenium files you’ve exported to nightwatch format.

On a client project we had been manually running our selenium tests in firefox before each prod push and have been wanting to move to nightwatch so that this could be automated but didn’t find the time to convert everything over by hand. So I created this program to do it for us and help out others who have the same issue.

It only does the most basic commands and supports the most basic selectors so far but I hope to make it fully featured over time and pull requests are much appreciated!