What I’m doing now

I’m in Seattle, Washington, focusing on these things:

  • Cloud9 was acquired by AWS and so in August 2016 I moved to Seattle to join the corporate headquarters and am working hard on integrating it with AWS.
  • Learning Spanish. I take lessons on italki and use Duolingo and Fluencia to supplement my learning. I’m currently at a level where I can have a slow basic conversation and could (barely) survive only speaking spanish.
  • Open sourcing Tower Storm. I want others to be able to use the codebase to build their own awesome TD maps and mods (more info on this soon).
  • Training in Krav Maga, for both fitness and self defense.
  • Currently enjoying the games 7 Days to Die, Counter Attack and Path of Exile

If you have any feedback or suggestions, email tim@timjrobinson.com

Last update: April 17th, 2017