What I’m doing now

I’m in Seattle, Washington, focusing on these things:

  • In October 2018 I switched teams at Amazon to launch AWS RoboMaker. I’m now building ROS extensions to connect robots to AWS services such as Lex, CloudWatch and Kinesis, and sample applications demonstrating how to use them. All of these are open source on Github
  • I’m learning more Machine Learning, mostly focused on computer vision. I’m especially interested in grasping with robotic arms. Picking up objects and placing them somewhere else is still a largely unsolved problem and if it’s perfected it could change the world.
  • I’m reading Energy and Civilization: A History, because I find energy and the economics around it fascinating.
  • I’ve been playing a lot of Squash at Seattle Athletic Club. I love the intensity of it, and it’s really good for weight loss.
  • Currently enjoying the games Factorio, Anno 1800 and Don’t Starve Together

If you have any feedback or suggestions, email tim@timjrobinson.com

Last update: July 30th, 2019