How to market technology

I was flicking through the jb-hifi magazine while eating breakfast this morning and was seriously amazed that it’s now 2012 and Apple is still the only company that understands how to market technology.

Here’s a hint: 95% of people don’t care about the specs of their phone/tablet (and they didn’t care about laptop specs either). Almost every non geek I’ve ever talked to about computers has no idea what the difference is between AMD and Intel, Ram sizes of even CPU Speeds. All they know and care about are the drive size so they can figure out how much music and movies they can fit on their device and with the rest of the specs they just presume that the bigger number is better.

Seriously apple changed the game way back in 2001 when instead of saying “we have a mp3 player with 128mb of space which runs on a 16Mhz cpu blah blah”, they told people “Fit 1000 songs in your pocket” and showed how much fun they would have using their mp3 players.

Guess what? The iPod went on to become the biggest selling mp3 player ever (It also helped that it was a great product, but so was the Zune and we all know how that ended up).

Now they’re doing the same with phones and tablets and still almost every other manafacturer has their head in the sand.

Samsung figured it out recently too, I saw an awesome ad for the Galaxy III last night about what it could do not what the tech specs were, and do you know who now leads sales in smartphones around the world? Nope not apple, it’s samsung!

Wow look at that, the companies that sell on emotion and benefits instead of specs make the most money! Nah must be a coincidence better go back to selling our 10% faster cpu’s…