Me in 10 seconds

I’m a lifelong geek, have been gaming since I was 4, coding since I was 11. I love making and streaming games.

I find everything interesting and love learning new things. I enjoy in depth intellectual discussions especially with people with opposite views to my own. I try to keep my identity small.

I enjoy Stoic philosophy. I believe everything that happens can be positive in some way, because new experiences give greater depth to life. I believe most modern problems stem from the worlds increasing complexity and people retreating to echo chambers instead of facing this complexity.

I like building things: mostly businesses and software. I’ve always had at least one side project since I was 15. I currently have 125 items on my “Big Project Ideas” board, but have pared them down to 5 key focuses following warren buffets advice.

I’m from the Sunshine Coast, Australia and have lived in Amsterdam, New York State, Seattle, and now Brisbane

Here’s what I’m doing now

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If I ever solve a technical problem that google couldn’t, I like to write a post about it.

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