Me in 10 Minutes

So you’ve seen the 10 second intro and want to know more? Awesome! Glad you’re here!

Hi I’m Tim!

That’s me, at a wedding (not mine). There’s a lot of these photos out there right now because I’m in my early 30’s which means it’s currently wedding season. Photo is by Carly Vester who’s really good at taking photos and you should totally hire if you need someone to take photos at an event near Seattle.

If you meet me in real life I’ll probably be excited to meet you, because I love meeting new people, as everyone has a unique and awesome story behind their life. Some say I’m a golden retriever in human form. I’ll probably also want to hear your thoughts and have a conversation about one of the subjects I love.

Things I love

I love games: Video games, board games, economic games, psychological games (like prisoners dilemma, it happens everywhere!). I mostly love reverse engineering them and figuring out how they work so I can beat them. I also love escape rooms and puzzles.

I love trying to understand humanity. I read mostly non-fiction books and information. Most shows I watch are realistic rather than fantasy. I like studying humanity as a whole, so macro economics and culture, rather than individual people or stories.

I love the future, and combine that with my love of humanity to try and figure out where we’re all going. I see the financial markets as a “betting on the direction of the future” machine and enjoy them because of that. Cyberpunk is my favorite fiction because it’s more like a prediction of the future given current trends.

I love decentralization and decentralized, open source technologies. I write about them at A Decentralized World. I think these decentralized platforms are the future and am pretty dismayed at how much corporations and governments have taken over the internet and attempted to control the flow of information so far.

I love most things at the intersection of Technology, Economics, Finance and Geopolitics.


All projects are open source, feel free to take them, play with them, make them even better if you wish.

Decentralized Trust – This was my first big project for A Decentralized World, a way that we can build moderate decentralized systems so they don’t become overrun with trolls, haters, and spam.

Evolutionary AI Battle – Something fun I built for an AI tournament at Amazon. It’s a simulator where AI’s battle each other and learn how to fight better over time.

Tower Storm – A Multiplayer tower defense game that runs in your browser. Play PvP or Survival modes with friends by simply sending them a link.

What I’m up to now

See the now page, updated every sometimes.

Social Media

Email –
Twitter – @timjrobinson
Twitch – timjrobinson
Scuttlebutt – @Py8stqMfjhdc4Ln92R4Lg+3jITszP94G3P5BNuH+lWY=.ed25519

Email List

I like to write predictions about the future and share them with everyone, along with the reasoning behind them. They may be completely wrong, or you may learn something before anyone else. If you’re interested, you can sign up below: