It’s been a while. Dreamhost deleted all my sites when downgrading my service. Luckily the only site I cared about still hosted with them is this blog.

Here I’ll be sharing thoughts on things that interests me, probably about coding, business, life improvement or learning new things. In fact it’ll probably be a lot like Tim Ferris’s blog, but not as popular (yet).

It’ll be full of geeky stuff like nodejs, hacking (ycombinator style) and why zaarly is the coolest idea around (seriously, this shit is going to go crazy in 5 – 10 years, you’ll see).

I’ll also try and explain some of the crazy ideas that waft around in my brain, mostly psychology related, sometimes business related and somehow they’ll always relate back to women.

I’ll try and keep my posts as short and to the point as possible, as I tend to waffle way too much some times (look I just did it there!)

That enough for now, enjoy.