Seeing the future

The best startups are the ones that can see trends and start working on their product before the trend even makes it into the early adopter market. Google did this well, they saw the information in the world was increasing expontentially and realized people need a better way to find things.

There’s a new startup on the block that has seen the future. It’s called zaarly (and there are a few others in this space I believe, but it’s hard to track any down), and it’s going to explode in the next 5 to 10 years, because they see where the world is trending.

The income divide between upper and middle class is growing, everyone knows that. But what most have missed is that the upper class is becoming more and more time poor and cash rich, while the lower classes are becoming more time rich and cash poor.

Do you see the opportunity here?

Traditional freelance systems and craigslist are great if you have a big task you want someone to handle, or want something in a few days. But most of our days are not taken up by big tasks, and we all want things done right this instant. This is what Zaarly delivers,  making it quick and easy to get these little things done faster than ever before.

Zipments is another awesome startup idea along the same lines, focusing on peer to peer couriering.

The second cool thing all these startups are doing is making the world a better place. They’re providing a real way for the huge number of unemployed people to earn some cash and not sit around bored all day, and weaken the stranglehold big corporations currently have on the world. As the income gap increases more and more peer to peer services like these are going to help make the world a better and much more enjoyable place for everyone which is friggin awesome.